Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This online report discusses the potential use of 2-Dimensional (2D) Barcodes within New Zealand.  This is an applied use of a common piece of technology, the mobile phone camera, that takes data in the form of a binary image and turns it into information.

One version of this application has been in active use in Japan sunce 1995 and has evolved from a way of tracking car parts to mobile tagging where information is now quickly and easily retrieved by most current Japanese mobile phone (Appendix A).

The report will outline the basic characteristics of this evolution of tradtional barcodes, the types of industries and ways that these industries could use 2D barcodes and finally any issues and barriers to the form adoption of this technology.

The barcode has evolved from the one dimensional form widely adopted in the retail industry since the 1950's to the current forms of 2D barcodes now in circulation and being applied to diverse industries outside of retail.  This evolution has resulted in higher data capacity and greater flexibility of use, all in a smaller presentation area.

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