Saturday, May 16, 2009


There are several free 2D barcode generators available online. The readers are readily available for most mobile phones and are relatively simple to install (Appendix C). This combination makes the technology easily accessible to consumers.

Classified Advertisements 2.o

The business models for newspapers and magazines are being disrupted by web technology. However, there is still some value in their content and 2D barcodes could be a means of converging print media and the online world.

The Dominion Post still runs a large classified advertisement section at the weekend for rental properties. If this was extended to include a 2D barcode, containing the contact details and contact method, it could assist property seekers making contact with prospective landlords.

The contact method is a choice that can be embedded into the 2D barcode (initiate SMS, start a call, send an email or display contact details). This could help drive seekers down the best contact channel for the landlord or agent. For SMS, the message can be automatically included which helps as a filter for the landlord if they are managing several properties.

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