Saturday, May 16, 2009

Revamping Ticket Sales - Meepass

In the report there are references to vouchers and B2C. We make the comment that ticket sale, distribution and admission could be changed significantly. This is based in fact and one French company is make inroads into this model.

The consumer locks into their onboard code generator with their PIN number. This allows personal iormation to be encoded and solves the security/fraudulent use issue.

Next the user generates the code and presents the phone to the reader on the entrance gate.

The reader scans the barcode from the handset screen, one of the key benefits of the technology is the flexibility of media that can be used.

Success!! the reader identifies the consumer as a paying guest and allows access to the venue.

This could be used for all venue events. I could have a barcode set with my Wellington Rugby Football Union season ticket number. I could then present my phone to the reader when I go to watch the Hurricanes or Lions down at the cake tin.

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